This week I watched a wonderful video on father’s that gave me a great perspective on the daily challenges the men in our lives face and live each day.  They not only work hard to support our families financially, but also work to provide for all our physical, spiritual, emotional and fun needs!  This is my husband’s first Father’s Day and am I so excited to celebrate and honor him this weekend and all that he does for our little family! 
^^Taden & Geoff – they are the best of buds! Taden gets so giddy and excited the moment Geoff comes home for work. They love to wrestle, try sweet treats together, scare mom, and read books. Taden sure loves his dad!!IMG_1899X
^^Taden & Grandpa Paul – With every passing day, Taden looks more and more like Grandpa Paul and Uncle Josh (my brother).  I am grateful for all that my dad has taught me.  He has taught me to have confidence in myself, to trust in myself to make my own, wise choices, how to love my family with my whole heart, and how to serve and love my country.  He has taught me how a husband should treat his wife and to find a man that will respect and honor me. I love my dad so much and it so fun to see him with his grandson and have him spoil him with love!
^^Taden, Geoff, Great-Grandpa Stevens and Grandpa Allan – I love each of these men and am grateful for the man they have raised my husband to be.  I am grateful for their example to our family of how to live righteous lives and to be always serving others.  They are great teachers of humility and charitable love.  Taden loves each of his grandpas!

I hope everyone has a great Father’s Day weekend. Pictures of how we spoiled Geoff to come next week!!

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