We are one of those crazy (or in our opinion, SANE) parents that put their kid to bed at 6:30 PM!!  By putting our son to bed so early it gives up the opportunity every night to wind down together and enjoy some quiet time (though I do love the loud times with my son, don’t get me wrong!).  This bedtime definitely has its pros, but also comes with cons: it does not allow us to be out late (meaning past 6:00 PM) on the weekend without a babysitter (… side note, we do occasionally take Taden out with us past his bedtime, but we do not like to often as he eventually hits a wall and turns into a ‘not-so-fun’ baby = exhausted parents!). 

Date nights have always been important to us as they give a couple time to focus on one another and provide an opportunity to do an activity or something fun together.  So, as a result of our sons early bedtime, we often find ourselves in early on the weekends.  BUT, that does not stop Geoff and I from finding ways to bring “date nights” into our home.

This past weekend we ordered in FLIPDADDY'S burgers (which were amazing!) and then heated up the night with hours of board games.  Trust me – no one was “bored" though (totally lame joke, I know!). 
^^Geoff’s Order…  Mac Daddy:  Grilled macaroni and cheese filled with bacon atop a beef patty, garnished with red onion and served on a pretzel bun.  We gave it an "A"!!
^^Casey’s Order…  Paesano Burger:  Fresh basil, prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, tomato, and aioli.
^^Ticket to Ride... score: Casey 1 - Geoff 0
^^RACKO... score: Casey 1 - Geoff 2
^^Scattergories – This box has seen better days!!  This is one of my all-time favorite games.
^^I may or may not be guilty of randomly making up things for Scattergories.  This is definitely one of the many times Geoff was laughing at one of my answers and taking a poll on Facebook if my word should or should not count. Facebook was not very generous that night. Score... Casey 51 points - Geoff 51 points!!
PicMonkey Collage
We love to eat and make sure to involve food into every activity!  We both choose one snack for the evening.

Geoff:  United Dairy Farmers Peanut Butter ‘N Chip Ice Cream
Casey:  Homemade guacamole and tortilla chips

We love date nights, even if they are in!  We had so much fun playing games together and even ended the night in a tie!!  I guess that means we’ll have to have another game night to claim a winner!

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