Taden (tay-den)

“Where did his name come from?” “How did we come up with it?” are usual questions when people first hear our sons name.

SHORT ANSWER:  We just made it up!
I totally need to come up with a better story, but that is the truth!

LONG ANSWER:  Before we found out the sex of our baby we discussed baby names – what we liked, what we didn't, family names, etc. We had enough girls names chosen that I could have had quadruplets (thankfully I didn't!), but could not decide on one single boys name.  So, the day we found out the sex (see here for our gender reveal) we had a good idea it was going to be a boy because we just could not decide on a name! And our inclination was right, it was a BOY!
For the next four-ish months we tossed around name after name. I always liked names like ‘Aiden,’ ‘Brayden,’ ‘Caden', but none stuck for Geoff. Until one day I threw out the name ‘TATUM.’ We both really liked the name and love how it sounded.  We did some research online and quickly found out it was in fact a girls name.  ANOTHER girls name!!

Back to the drawing board…

I kept coming back to the ‘-aden’ names, and then one day we put together the two… Ta-den! Instantly we both loved the name. Loved the sound of it (Taden Stevens). And loved either “Tad” or “Tate” for nicknames.

So that is where and how we came up with our sons name. We love his name and it truly fits him perfectly!
Taden Andrew Stevens - born August 27, 2012

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