One of my favorite things to do is to watch my son.

I do mean to literally sit and watch him. I love to stare at him. Gaze at him. Observe him. Not in a creepy way, but in a way as if I am trying to figure him out. Trying to figure out what he is thinking, what he is truly understanding and what he is trying to say to us. Sometimes I wish time would just fly by and we would be at the point where he was communicating in words and I could know what he was thinking and saying.

BUT, I know “this time on Earth provides opportunities for us to grow and progress.” Though I may at times want time to move faster, I am constantly in amazement at the speed in which my son really is ‘growing and progressing.’ He is just over 9 months but has learned so much in that short time frame.  He has learned to smile, to sit up, to crawl, to laugh, to pull himself up, to feed himself, and many others things (too many to count!).  He really is constantly learning, and so I often find myself sitting and watching him in amazement. Gazing at him in wonder. He is my daily example of the purpose of this life – which is “to grown and progress.” 
IMG_1541 - XX
This blog will be about me and my family (my amazing husband, Geoff, our little prince, Taden, and me, Casey) and all the things we are LEARNING with our time here. I hope you enjoy our stories, adventures, PICTURES and life lessons. Please stick around!

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