It is strawberry season here in OHIO! This past Saturday we put on our rain boots and prepared for an afternoon of pickin’ at a local farmer’s market, Blooms & Berries. It was a perfect afternoon and we were able to find many delicious, ripe strawberries.IMG_2088IMG_2092
>>Taden loved picking grass in arm’s reach and taste-testing it. He is getting very quick these days, which keeps us on our toes!IMG_2095
>>Could they be anymore perfect?IMG_2098IMG_2105IMG_2115
>>Taden and I taking a break.  I love this kid!IMG_2133IMG_2136IMG_2141IMG_2161IMG_2170IMG_2173
>>We ended the day with a homemade strawberry pie made from our freshly picked strawberries! I would call the day an overall success.

New family tradition!!

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  1. so fun - and love these pictures!
    especially that one of you holding T and laughing :)



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