^^^Look at that face ^^^  It says it all, “I am having the time of my life, Mom!”  I just love that face, which is why we are at the park quite bit these days. 

Okay, I would be lying if that was the only reason we go to the park!  Does anyone else use the park as their “last resort, I’ve run out of all things to do with you today, we have an hour before Dad comes home…ahhh”?!  Or am I the only one??  I do love seeing this smile on his face, but I also love how the park eats up a chunk of our day to make those s-lll-ooo-www days go by just a little bit faster.  #terriblemom??

Enjoy the rest of the pictures of my chunky legged, cute as a button kid (he is totally not a baby anymore!).
^^That face!!
^^Look at those LEGS!!
Enjoy your double post Wednesday!!



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