My little boy is TEN months old today!  Time sure is flying by – bittersweet!  I am constantly amazed at the amount and speed in which he is learning.  I am so grateful to have him in my life and blessed to be able to watch him grow every day.
^^He is really starting to fill out these days.  Actually, what am I talking about?!  He has been like this for awhile.  But his rolls are so cute!!  He also just did eat in this picture!

Here is a recap of Taden at T-E-N months…

Eating.  Lately we have been exploring more and more new foods.  You have been loving watermelon, raw onions, peanut butter sandwiches, and bananas.  Each of them you feeding yourself, of course! 
Smiling.  You are such a flirt!  You love to smile, laugh and giggle when strangers are playing with you.  You love the attention and eat it up!
Swimming.  You have always loved the water and with summer here you cannot seem to get enough of our almost daily pool time.
When Daddy gets home.  You hear the keys as Daddy opens the front door and comes home.  You immediately stop what you are doing and wait to see his face and immediately light up.  If I try to reach of you when you Dad is holding you you have no interest in me!  I’m an afterthought when Dad is home!
Dogs.  You love petting and climbing on dogs.  Maybe a vet on our hands?
Naps.  You have set a very strict schedule for yourself and have not steered from it this month.  You get tired at the same times each day and have been amazing at putting yourself to sleep.  Thank you and I am knocking on wood at this very minute!!

Clothes.  You continue to hate clothes.  Diaper only, and some days not even that, is your preferred outfit of choice.
Not seeing Mommy.  Your favorite toy is me.  You love to play with me, crawl on me, try to eat me, etc.  Anything to do with me you love and I love that too!!
Being told “no”.  You hate hearing our disapproval of anything, but are quite obedient when we do tell you “no.”
Stroller.  We are working on this… but you just hate to sit still for very long.  You are an active little boy and so the stroller restricts you energy and movement.

You are continuing to grow into an amazing little boy.  You are a very fast crawler and you follow me around the house all day long.  You are pulling up on everything and stand on your tip, tip, tip toes to make yourself tall!  BUT, we are still not interested in walking.  You can walk with your walker toy, but even that you are just not interested.  You are a speedy little crawler and are content with that these days. 

You will have ZERO teeth.

You had one haircut this month and another will be soon as your hair is growing so fast and is quite thick these days.  We sure do have a summer blonde!

I cannot wait to see what the next 10 months, 10 years, and more have in store for you .  We love you!!

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