2013-06-21 17.43.092013-06-21 17.43.11
^^Trying to figure out his surroundings and this new ground he is crawling on.
2013-06-21 17b
Friday night we visited my in-laws and one of Geoff’s cousins and children were also in town.  My in-laws have a trampoline and boy was it a hit, even with our little guy!  Geoff took Taden out on the trampoline to have him crawl around and to see how he would react to the soft, cushion-y surface.  The rest of the kids wanted to play with him on the trampoline, so Geoff let the kids jump lightly as he held him.  Taden could not stop laughing and giggling!!  He had a blast having the kids bounce him around.  His first birthday is coming up, maybe a fun gift?!  Nah!!  Totally not ready for ER visits yet!
2013-06-21 17fgh2013-06-21 17xyz
^^Dirty feet!
2013-06-21 17yyy2013-06-21 17zzzPicMonkey Collage
^^He wanted it over and over again!!  We have a very adventurous kid our on hands and I would not want it any other way!
What is your kid's favorite summer activity?

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