This Saturday we went downtown for the afternoon and walked across the river (the Ohio River) and into Newport, Kentucky!  I love being able to say on one day I have visited two (and sometimes three, since Indiana is also close) states in one day.  A bit nerdy?!  The city has a great walking bridge across the river and it was a beautiful day to stroll around, so we definitely took advantage of it.

^^View of the Cincinnati skyline from across the river in Newport, Kentucky.
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^^My boys taking a break.  Taden’s hair is getting super blonde and growing so quick these days!  We just took him in for a haircut a couple of weeks ago too!  Sometimes I feel a bit like a celebrity with him because people just love to stop and see “the baby."
PicMonkey Collage2
^^Walking through the streets of Newport.

One of our stops in Newport was the restaurant Tom + Chee.  We have heard many rave about the shop, including the show Shark Tank (which we love!), so we stopped in for lunch.
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^^Look at those yummy donuts!  Tom + Chee is famous for their Grilled Cheese Donuts. We definitely had to order one (see pictures below).
^^Geoff patiently waiting for our meal.
PicMonkey CollageIMG_2914IMG_2906
^^I ordered the BLT + Chee, which is Bacon+Lettuce+Tomato+Cheddar+White. It was de-licious!! We also ordered The King, Fresh Banana+Peanut Butter+Mascarpone+Mozzarella +Donut! It could not have been a more perfect grilled donut sandwich!! We both completely inhaled our three sandwiches and were wishing we had ordered more.
^^Geoff ordered the Flying Pig, which included Roasted Turkey+Bacon+Pickles+Lettuce+Gouda+ White.  Nothing was left from anything we ordered.  Our stomachs were very satisfied.

What did your family do this weekend?

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  1. Oh that looks so yummy!!! You may have to take us there when we come up... eventually. LOL



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