Geoff had a late meeting yesterday evening, so T and I went out to run errands quickly before his bedtime routine.  While we are out I hear my phone and notice I have a text message from Geoff.  ‘What a treat!’ I think!!  Who doesn't love getting messages, especially from their spouse throughout the day.  I open up the message to see the following picture:

image (4)

That’s it.  Only the picture.  No message.  No words of reassurance that he is okay.  No explanation.  Just a picture of his car – bumper smashed in, rear window shattered, sitting on the highway.  WHAT?!?!  

My heart was pounding.  My palms were sweating.  I was totally panicking! Obviously after my head was thinking clearly, I guess I should have realized he was at least okay enough to step out of the car and take the picture.  But, my first thoughts were shear panic!  I immediately called him, heard his voice, he reassured me he was okay, and was not injured.  Okay, phew!  What a relief.  What a blessing.  But still, not cool to send the text message!!

Advice for all the men:  NEVER, NEVER send a text message like this to your spouse, significant other, mother, anyone without anything included.  Actually, just never send a picture like this until you have spoken with them, explained the situation and let them know you are okay - in that order!!  Just never do it!!

Disclaimer:  I am totally counting my blessings today.  Though this post is trying to have a lighter side of the situation at hand, my husband was very lucky to walk away from the accident.  We are thanking Heavenly Father for his safety and our many blessings.  We held each other a little tighter last night.

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