This past weekend was Geoff’s 28th birthday!!  “Happy birthday to him"!  It was a very busy weekend for us filled with car shopping.  A couple of weeks ago Geoff was in a car accident and we found out this week it was evaluated to be a total loss.  Perfect timing for me, birthday present = check!!  We celebrated the day as a family at church and then a small birthday fiesta at our house with a few friends.  Geoff requested chicken enchiladas and I fixed up a black bean and corn salsa to go with it.  We ended the delicious meal with Fruit Pizza as his birthday cake, per his request!  I hope it was a wonderful day for my adorable, funny, witty, intelligent, loyal, honest and humble husband.  He is my everything and I hope I can show and tell him that every day!!

iPhone Pictures 400

^^His new ride…. vroom, vroom!!

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