We loved the long weekend we just had with Geoff, but we did not love all the rain we received!!  Super bummer!  The rain prevented us from doing many things… having our 4th of July party outside on our decks and going to the park with Taden on Friday afternoon, and kept Geoff and I in for our date nights all weekend!!  Things are looking quite green around here, but we didn’t need rain the entire weekend, in my opinion. 

So, what does one do when it is constantly ‘raining cats and dogs’ outside?!  MOVIE NIGHT(S)!!!  Overall I am not a big movie person.  I just have a hard time sitting still for long periods!  But, with all the rain keeping us inside all weekend we ran out of things to do, and so we resorted to watching lots and lots of movies. 
^^The worst selfie of the two of us, but the best out of all that we took! IMG_2810
^^We even broke out our fine stemware and sparkling Welch’s!!  

Stevens Movie Review

Parental Guidance
     Geoff – “It was okay.  Had some funny parts.  Would give it a 3 out of 5 rating.”
     Casey – I fell asleep 3/4 of the way through the movie.  That doesn’t always mean it is a bad
     movie because I do love our couch and sometimes will finish the movie the next day, but this
     movie was not worth finishing the next day.
Here Comes the Boom
     Geoff – “Rated 4 out of 5!  Surprisingly funny.”  He has been walking around the house all
     weekend saying, “Here comes the BOOM!”
     Casey – I get bored with movies with the same story lines, especially sport-type movies.  This had
     a different, interesting story line and Kevin James was very funny, as usual.  I stayed up for the
     entire thing!
     Geoff – “I liked the movie, but not a must-see.  Would give 3 out of 5.  The Rock was a good
     actor in the movie.”
     Casey – I do not enjoy suspense movies as they give me a full body workout by the end because I
     tense my body through the entire movie!!  I worked on my computer and did other things during
     the high-suspense scenes to distract me.  Overall, it was an interesting movie and made me think
     a lot about what I would do for my son, almost anything!
Playing for Keeps
     Geoff – “Least favorite of all the movies.  Was okay.”  It was also the girl-iest of all the movies!
     Casey – I enjoyed it.  It was a good chick flick and it had me guessing how the end was going to
     turn out. 

Though the rain kept us in most of the past weekend, we had a great time hanging out inside and catching up on old and recent flicks!  Great date nights!!

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