I have loved getting into this ‘blogging world’.  It has been fun reading others’ blogs and getting to know them through their posts about their families, the food they make, the clothes they wear, the recent feelings and hardships they have been dealing with.  It has all helped me vision what I want out of this blog. 

For the most part this blog has turned into a collage of recent pictures of adventures our family has had (see here, here and here).  It has shown all the fun memories we have been making, but I have had few posts about meWho am I?  What are my struggles?  What is really going on in my life? 

Maybe people don’t want to learn about me.  Maybe all they want to see is cute pictures of Taden (like this).  Though this blog is definitely to journal our family’s life, I have also decided I want it to be a personal journal for myself.  Like free therapy!!  Expect more posts about my ‘real’ life and not just collage pictures of our fun trips (though there will still be plenty of those!!).

***Check out our About page and Our Story page to begin to learn about ME!!

I am excited to continue in this blogging world.  Welcome ME!!

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