Happy Birthday America!!  We are having the best weekend because we are able to celebrate America’s birthday with a four-day weekend with Geoff!!  We love long weekends and really love the extra time Taden has with his Daddy. 
We started the weekend with a celebratory party at our place with friends and lots of food.  Geoff and I love entertaining, so we jump at every opportunity.  The 4th is beginning to become an annual party we host, and we love it!!  The whole day was rainy, rainy, rainy, so all the festivities were held inside.  Super bummer for a summer party, but we made do and still had a fun time mingling in close quarters.
Here are some pictures from our day:PicMonkey Collage1^^I went a little overboard on decorations.  These string pom-poms were so cool I just couldn’t pass them up!  Strung everywhere.  #festivePicMonkey Collage3IMG_4101^^The food was delicious.  Our friends make the best food.  I definitely stuffed myself beyond capacity. IMG_4151^^Me and my blue-eyed baby.  He needs to stop growing!!  #hisfirst4thIMG_4110^^This kid was the cutest all day.  Can you say “cheese”?!PicMonkey Collage6IMG_4131PicMonkey Collage4^^The desserts were a HIT with the kids.  Actually, they were a hit with everyone!!  Who doesn’t love chocolate cupcakes covered in chocolate frosting?!
PicMonkey Collage5^^Even the new proud parents made it!  We loved having the presence of this cute, little guy.  There is nothing more precious than a new spirit.  Welcome little Miles!!IMG_41142^^We ended the night with a “boom” (pun intended).  The little man did a great job watching the fireworks.  He was a little dazed as it was quite past his bedtime, but he seemed to enjoy them in his half-asleep phase.
Overall, the day was a hit!!  We enjoyed the afternoon and evening with yummy food and the company of great friends.  Taden and I got to spend the entire day with Geoff and then we ended the night with FiReWoRkS!!  #success

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