I am constantly amazed at how much my little baby (almost toddler, but I am not ready to say the words yet!) is growing and learning.  As a parent I am always underestimating the knowledge and understanding he has already, even as a small child.  They are like sponges, constantly soaking in everything around them. 

One thing Geoff and I have worked very hard at is helping Taden to stay away from the electrical outlets.  As soon as we put him on the ground and let him roam around we would point to them and say “no".  Whenever he would move towards them or reach for them, we would get down to his level, change our tone to be more serious, and say “no.”  He has always understood at least the underlining message we are trying to say to him (do not touch this – NO), because every time we point to the outlets and change our tone he will start to cry or whimper or give us that face that makes me want to melt!  It is amazing how much they really can understand, even if they cannot always understand the specific words we are saying. 


So, yesterday I was in the kitchen cleaning up and doing the dishes.  Taden was in the next room playing with toys and entertaining himself (I love when he does that!).  I could see him from the kitchen and would pop my head in and out of the room to check on him, but he did not notice me.  At one point I noticed he stopped playing with his toys and looked around the room.  He took a few glances around and noticed he could not see him.  “Perfect,” he thinks, “she is not around!”  I then noticed he turned himself around and was going straight for the electrical outlet directly behind him.  I immediately dropped what I was doing and stepped in the room just in time to say, “Taden, no!”  The look on his face when he saw me was priceless – “where did you come from?!?!”

Teach them young!  Teach them young to not touch the electrical outlets (we are still working on this) and teach them young that Mom is always watching…


  1. haha, too funny. Oh man, we are going through this right now too. I can't put her down for 2 seconds before shes headed for the fireplace, tv, stove, outlet, stairs, and every other thing that she shouldnt be touching.

    1. It is amazing how they just know to go to the things that can be the most harmful to them. How do they know?! I pray every morning we both just come out alive!! Some days are a miracle I feel like!

  2. Well somehow you and your brother came out alive!! Now, Josh did have one trip to the ER because he fell on the hearth of the fireplace and had to get stitches. That was not fun...Casey was about 3 and Josh less than a year and I am taking them to the ER (Pauls still at work) and Casey calmly tells me as I am driving "Mommy Josh's head is bleeding again." We made it to the ER and Paul got there shortly after we did and thank goodness we all"came out alive." Safety is always a concern for parents ..the best you can hope for is no major boo boos!



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