It is that time of the year again!  A fresh start to the year.  New books, new classes, new clothes, new schedule, new everything, if you want.  I love the freshness, the clean slate that comes with a new school year.  I love the feeling that you can accomplish anything with this new year.  I love this time of year and all the opportunities that can come with it.

Though, I am not starting a new school year myself and my children are not school-aged yet, I have been reflecting on my first year of college a great deal the past couple of weeks.  This time 8 years ago I was beginning a new year, at a new school, with a new class, new roommates, everything was new.  I was beginning my freshman year at Miami University. Going away to college can be a terrifying, scary thing.  Even if you do know a few people at your school, the majority, other thousands of students do not know you. 

The first few hours in my dorm room after my family left were exciting with this new independence, but also lonely with no one around me that I knew.  I quickly met a few other girls in my hall and the rest is history!  We became friends, hung out all year, decided to live together for the next three years of college, and still continue to make yearly visits to each other, be in weddings together and I know there’s so much more in the future!  They are my best friends.  They were there for me  through some of the best days of my life and hardest of my life.  They were always there and I know will always be there.  I love them and can’t wait for our next visits!

Just a few pictures for old memories.

^^The quality of these pictures looks like we were in school in the 80’s!  It is amazing how fast technology has changed.  Makes me feel older than I am.
^^Lindsay and I freshman year getting ready for 80’s night on my birthday!  What a fun night!
^^Heather and I in London during our senior year Christmas break.
^^Kaitlyn right after Ryan had just proposed!
PicMonkey Collage2
PicMonkey Collage
^^Kaitlyn unhappy we are going to make her go out dressed in our toilet paper wedding dress. What are friends for?!
^^This is where it all began – Dorsey Hall.

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