Has it really been four years already?!  I guess time really does fly by when you are having the time of your life with your best friend every day (too mushy?!  it’s true!).




“While on earth, we can make sacred covenants, or promises, with God.”  Some of these covenants can be made in the holy temple through priesthood authority.  “Among these covenants is the opportunity for husbands and wives to be sealed (married for eternity).”**  Four years ago today Geoff and I chose to be sealed in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ Columbus Temple.  It was a beautiful, simple ceremony in which we both knelt across an altar and made promises to one another and to the Lord.  In return, we were married for “time and all eternity”.  We were sealed in the temple that day and if we choose to live worthy of the promises we made we can be together forever. 

Each day I am thankful for the choice we made to be married in the Holy Temple of the Lord.  I am thankful that we have entered into that covenant with each other and the Lord.  I am thankful Heavenly Father gives us agency, or the choice, to choose what we do with each day.  Each day I try to remember the covenants we have made and do my best to live up to them so that I can live forever in the eternities with Geoff by my side, and me by his!

Happy Anniversary Geoff!!!  I cannot wait to celebrate with you this weekend and forever!!



Temples are a very sacred place for those of my faith.  We treat them with much reverence.  Many may say that our temples are secretive, but that is not true.  We invite all to live worthy to be able to enter the temple. 

The following video is an excellent explanation of our temples by a leader of our church.  He goes into great detail about our temples, what occurs in them, the symbolism of and within the temples, and what they mean to the members entering them.  If you have any questions about temples I invite you to watch the video and/or reach out to me!

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