As I have been prepping for Taden’s party on Saturday, see here, I have been gathering pictures of Taden’s “first” throughout the year.  It has been fun reminiscing on all that we have done with him and how much he has grown.  Some of the pictures are just too cute not to share, so here goes!!

2 - first day on earth^^Taden’s FIRST day with us.

3 - first day home^^Taden’s FIRST day home.

PicMonkey Collage1^^Taden’s FIRST Halloween.  Taden’s FIRST visit to Grandpa and Meme’s in Florida.

6 - first christmas^^Taden’s FIRST Christmas in Florida.

9 - first foods^^Taden’s FIRST foods.

10 - first easter^^Taden’s FIRST Easter.

11 - first swim^^Taden’s FIRST swim.

12 - first time at sea world^^Taden’s FIRST time at Sea World.

13 - first family park day^^Taden’s FIRST family park day.

14 - first time picking strawberries^^Taden’s FIRST time picking strawberries, see here.

15 - first father's day^^Taden’s FIRST Father’s Day, see here and here.

16 - first day of summer^^Taden’s FIRST day of summer, see here.

18 - first haircut^^Taden’s FIRST haircut.

19 - first time on trampoline^^Taden’s FIRST time on a trampoline, see here.

PicMonkey Collage2^^Taden’s FIRST Fourth of July, see here.  Taden’s FIRST time at a fair, see here.

22 - first time falling asleep in highchair^^Taden’s FIRST time falling asleep in his highchair.

23 - first time finding out going to be a big brother
^^Taden’s FIRST time realizing he is going to be a big brother!!  See here.

We have had a wonderful year of FIRSTS with Taden and I cannot wait to see what this next year has in store for our little man!!  Happy Birthday!

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