It is here.  It is officially Taden’s birthday month!!  All year I have been thinking about Taden’s first birthday with great anticipation and excitement!  I am so excited to see him dig into his birthday cake and celebrate with family and friends. I am looking forward to all the milestones he is yet to hit this month (he is finally cutting teeth and starting to stand on his own… walking to around the corner).   I am looking forward to taking his one year pictures.  I am so excited for many things this month.  But, with so many exciting things around me, I am totally dreading this party.  I have been so excited to celebrate Taden’s birthday with a big birthday bash, but planning it is like torture for me.  Maybe it’s because I am such an indecisive person.  Maybe because I am in my first trimester of my second pregnancy and am exhausted!  Maybe because Pinterest overwhelms me so much (see my Pinterest disasters here).  Whatever the reason is, this party planning is keeping me up at night, which is already a problem for this pregnant lady, and consuming my every minute!!

So, what have I accomplished?!  I have managed to sort through a million and one Pinterest birthday party ideas for a one year old and have decided on a theme.  Taden’s favorite toys are books.  If a pile of toys full of cars, balls, noise makers, etc. is sitting in the middle of the room and then a lone book off in the corner he will dash across the room to get the book.  He loves to open and close books and turn the pages.  Therefore, his birthday party theme will be centered around Children’s Books – see my Pinterest page here for cute party ideas. 



All the inspiration for the food, drinks and decorations will be taken from classic children’s books.  The invitations will be in envelopes made from recycled children’s books (ordered them this week – check!!).  I still need to decide on the design of the birthday cake, but it will be centered around books.  Maybe a specific few books?  Jury is still out on that decision.  As I have written out all my plans and things I have accomplished I am realizing I do have a good start (also reserved location today).  It just seems my to do list in preparation is endless.  One step at a time I keep telling myself.  Thank goodness my mother is visiting next week to help plan (and visit Taden, of course)!




I just can’t wait to celebrate my sweet, little mans’ birthday. 

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