As a mother, wife and woman I constantly have feelings of inadequacy and guilt that I should and can be doing more… I can feed my baby healthier meals, I can find activities that are more stimulating and will help him learn skills he needs to be mastering at his age, I can have my house more organized, I can visit more people in need, I can exercise more and take care of myself.  Some days the list seems endless.  I try not to dwell on these insecurities I feel, but some days I have feelings of guilt for the things I wish I was doing and better at. 

This weekend I was not having one of those days!!  This weekend I felt like super mom and I had conquered the world’s greatest defeat with all that I had accomplished!

This past Friday Taden and I headed to the Cincinnati Zoo with my in-laws in town visiting.  Geoff had meetings in the morning he could not miss so I was on my own with the babe.  Taden is a very happy, cheerful baby.  He rarely cries (I know we are so blessed!) and is so scheduled (we worked hard to get him where he is at) that I usually always know what he wants.  But, the kid will not sit still.  He has so much endless energy, just like his father, that putting him in a stroller for even 30 minutes is a lot to ask.  I knew the day would be long and I was on my own so I packed a lot of snacks, toys, and even his favorite blanket.  Taden had a fun time and was so interested in many of the animals, see the post tomorrow documenting our day.  The outing fell during his usual naptime, but he fought it all day until we were walking up the hill to the car.  He did not want to miss anything! Lucky me…

photo (22)

^^Isn’t he just the cutest?!

The day really was so much fun, but it was also just as exhausting.  Tending to an energetic baby all day, pushing all 27+ pounds of him, plus my 15 pound diaper bag and another diaper bag up and down the park, while pregnant… super powers!!  I was so exhausted by the end of the day, but I did it!  I do not always feel accomplished at the end of each day, but I sure did this day!

After our long, exhausting day at the zoo Friday I decided Taden and I would make the 3.5 hour (without any stops) trip up to Cleveland for my beautiful cousin Tina’s baby shower.  I have such an amazing family and they have supported Geoff and I so much I did not want to miss this special day to celebrate her, Gideon and Max!!  I knew I had plenty of places to stay overnight with Taden along the way, but I really wanted to get home Saturday night and be with Geoff and go to church together the next day as a family.  Yes, we made the trip both ways – all 7+ hours!!  Again, I felt like I had super powers this days!!  No one could question my accomplishments for this day.  We made it!

We had a busy weekend.  We saw so many family members and made fun memories.  We are also very tired and all took much needed Sunday afternoon naps!  I can’t wait to see what next week has in store for us (hint: my mom is visiting!!!).

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