We have officially been initiated into parenthood!  We made our first trip to Children's Urgent Care for our little baby (I can still call him a little baby for another week!)... Geoff keeps telling me it will be the first of many!  I do not think I am ready for that!

So what happened?!  It was a beautiful Sunday morning and we headed to church as a family.  It was a typical service for us - Geoff in the hallway playing with Taden because the little man cannot make it more than 15 minutes in the chapel!  I was enjoying the speakers when I had a feeling to check my phone.  I looked down and read, "Please come outside right now. We are leaving."  What?!  What is going on?!  I quickly gather our things and head out the back.  I reach the front of the building and see Geoff and Taden standing outside, Taden crying.  I immediately ask what is wrong and Geoff's response, "I really have no idea.  He has been crying for over 30 minutes now."

Now, if anyone knows our child, we have been incredibly blessed with an amazingly happy child.  Taden is constantly smiling, giggling, or laughing so hard it makes your belly hurt!  He only cries when you are changing his diaper or putting clothes on him.  He really never cries, so to hear he had been crying for 30+ minutes I knew something was not right.

We immediately go home.  SIDE NOTE: This was the week my mother visited and so I we came home to my mother at our house along with a couple of my aunts, cousins, their spouses, and brother visiting for the day to see her!  I take him in his room to try and calm him down.  Nothing is working!  I tried feeding him.  I tried rocking him.  I tried singing, reading, hushing - nothing worked!! I finally then realized that he was not moving his left arm and every time I moved him or touched it he cried harder.  I did not want to be crazy, paranoid, first-time mom, so I kept trying to get him to sleep to see if he just needed rest.  After over an hour of trying to get him to sleep, he caved from exhaustion.  He slept for 20 minutes and woke up screaming again.  Geoff and I knew something still was not right and so we took him to Children's Urgent Care (literally 3 minutes from our house!).  SIDE NOTE: His 20 minute nap gave me just enough time to finish preparing the meal for the house full of people I was hosting.  We literally left for the hospital as dinner was being served.  I felt like a terrible host!

After we arrived at the hospital they were quick to see us.  A nurse practitioner saw Taden first and immediately thought it could be a nursemaid elbow.  She moved his arm multiple different ways to try and pop it back into place, but nothing was working.  She tried a few different times and finally concluded that was not it.  We were moved onto radiology for x-rays (at this point we had been at the hospital for an hour).  X-rays were a nightmare because I had to stand in the hallway, hearing him scream, because I am pregnant!  It was horrible.  After x-rays were complete we waited another 30 minutes to find out the results.  Results = nothing unusual!  Back to square-one.  The nurse finally called the doctor in to check him out and see they could conclude anything different.  When the doctor finally arrived she talked to him for one minute, took his arm and moved it one way and then another and exclaimed, "Oh, I just felt the pop.  He should be find."  ...  "What!  Really?! That's it?!"  I mean don't get me wrong I was thrilled to hear he should be fine, but why have we been waiting around for 2 hours for you to pop it back in 2 seconds?!  The doctor left the room and told us to play with his like we usually would.  I immediately put him on the floor to crawl around.  He took off!!  He had not been out of our laps in over 5 hours.  He was completely pain-free, amazing! 

I am so thankful my little man is better.  We think it popped out of place while he was crawling in the hall and one of his arms gave out as he was moving.  Totally random, but just enough to dislocate.  Since then he it 100% back to his normal, happy, giggly self.  We love seeing him smile and play each day and am grateful to have him in our lives.  I know there will be more trips to the hospital over the years; I just hope there are not too many!  I was a mess - but survived!!

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