This post is about a week late.  Taden recently turned 11 months and it has taken me a week to capture a decent picture of him as he just cannot sit still these days.  Time sure is flying by!!  Next month he will be a year old.  I just can’t believe it!!  (Side note, I suppose I should begin planning this big party I see in my head.  If only someone could read my mind and just plan it?!!  See post about what I have accomplished thus far here.)

Here is a recap of Taden at E-L-E-V-E-N months:

Eating.  You have become a pro at feeding yourself, that is with your fingers.  You still make quite a mess but manage to get more than half of the contents in your month.  We will take the small accomplishments!  You love blueberries, onions, and grilled cheese.
Smiling.  You are the happiest baby!  You light up the room with your smile and that giggle of yours.  It is so contagious!
Dogs.  You are still quite obsessed with dogs.  Last week a nice man and his dog stopped to let you pet the dog.  You could not stop smiling and even let the dog lick your face.  You thought it was so funny and just kept looking up at me with the biggest smile.  We are still happy playing with dogs at the park only.
Mommy.  You are becoming so affectionate.  You are constantly darting across the room when you see me to jump into my lap and put your arms around me.  You love to give me kisses (which consist of opening up your mouth wide and pressing it against my cheek).
Balls.  You love holding and trying throw balls.  Daddy has been trying to teach you to throw balls and you are starting to get the hang of it.
Walking.  You are a pro at walking around the room with your walker.  You still have not taken any steps on your own, but you are close!  You are able to stand on your own.
Toys.  Your favorite toys are an old wallet of mine, old, used credit cards/gift cards, and balls.
Sleep.  You sleep through the night (YAY!!) and take two good naps.  You sleep very well in your crib and in the car, but anywhere else is a rarity. 

Clothes.  You still HATE clothes.  You have now figured out how to take clothes off while I am putting them on.  Changing your diaper and clothes is a chore!
Being restricted.  You have lots of energy and enjoy moving around on your own.  You tolerate the stroller, high chair, grocery cart, etc. for a period of time but after awhile let me know your are ready to move on your own and have freedom.
Getting out of the bathtub.  You love playing in the bathtub every night and hate when we take you out.  You know when bath time is winding down (we take the toys out of the tub) and you begin to have this panic look on your face.

You have begun to cut two teeth in the past week.  They are small, but we can see and feel them!!



We love having you in our family. You have brought so much joy into our lives. You are amazing son and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for you. We love you Taden!!


  1. He likes onions?! Ha that's so funny. Ryan still won't eat onions and he's 26. :) Happy 11 months!

  2. Maybe a puppy for Christmas... just kidding Geoff!! Don't disown me!!



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