How did a year go by so fast?!  My little baby is ONE today!!  Part of me is so sad to see him grow up and to realize he is not a baby anymore, but the other part is filled with joy as I have seen him learn, grow and progress this past year.  Isn’t that why we are here; to learn and grow and progress each day on this earth?! 


taden-7638 copy

Well, this little man sure has grown this year and he is constantly learning.  Currently he is working hard at mastering standing up on his own and walking.  He can take little steps but just gets so excited he ends up quickly falling.  It has been so fun watching his face light up as he takes each little step.  I know in no time he will be running around the house with me chasing after him! 

He continues to be a great eater!!  He loves blueberries, grilled cheese, sausage, pancakes, broccoli, sweet potato and peanut butter!  He loves making a mess!!  He is beginning to learn to feed himself from a spoon; I mean he gets the concept at least!

His favorite toy is any type of ball (soccer, football, bouncy, you name it!) and oh how that makes Geoff proud!  He loves to toss a ball in front of himself, sometimes to the side, and occasionally even behind himself and then chase after it.  He can entertain himself for such a long time playing this little game.

One of my favorite things he does is ‘give kisses.’  He has always been such an affectionate little boy.  He loves to receive and give big hugs but this month he learned how to pucker his lips and give a kiss.  It is the cutest thing!! It melts my heart every time.  He is so sweet and loving.

Each day he continues to amaze me.  I have learned so much from him this past year and I cannot wait for a lifetime of learning from my children.  Taden is remarkable little spirit and I am humbled and blessed to be called his mother.

^^I love his endless energy!  I may not say this all the time, but I love how full of life and happy Taden is each and every day. 
taden-7269 copy


taden-7504 copy



taden-7687 copy


taden-7703 copy


The pictures in this post are from his First Year Photo-shoot with Emily-Jane!  Thank you for capturing this special day for us.


  1. These pictures are amazing. Emily Jane has quite a talent in photography. I can't decide which one is my favorite yet but the last one where he is looking up at you with cake frosting all over his mouth really gets to me. No matter what angle you look at it he is staring right at you with those big blue eyes!! "Meme" is putting her order in for a copy of each...I only have about 15 pictures of Taden in my office at work...need a few more!!



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