Taden loves many things!  He loves when his dad comes home from work.  He loves blueberries and sweet potatoes.  He loves tossing and then chasing balls around the house.  He loves to follow me all day long wherever I go.  AND, he loves to read – well, be read to.

Early on Taden has had a love for books.  In the beginning he loved to chew on books.  That love eventually turned into a love for opening and closing books, which evolved to also turning the pages.  Now that love has changed yet again.  He now loves to bring us a book, sit in our lap and be read to.  I love how watching him studying the pictures, point at bright items on the page and laugh at the funny voices we make while we read.  His early love for books continues to grow and I love that!!

For this reason I chose the theme of his birthday party to be centered around famous children’s book.  It has been so much fun planning and preparing for the party (and exhausting, did I mention that?!).  I am excited to celebrate with family and friends on Saturday!!  It should be a wonderful, memorable day.

**Pictures of the party will follow next week – stay tuned.
taden-7302 copy
taden-7316 copy
taden-7321 copy
^^Goodnight Moon is one of our favorite books!  We read/recite it every night before bedtime.  It is a classic.

The pictures in this post are from Taden’s First Year Photo-shoot with Emily-Jane.

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  1. These are great pictures of Taden reading...when does he get his first I-pad...Geoff?



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