I am still totally in that awkward stage of… “am I pregnant or just letting myself go?!”  There is definitely weight gain, but not enough to have a prego “bump.”  BUT, on a positive not, I have almost completely survived the first trimester!!  The end is in sight!!  The past couple of months have been rough.  They have been l-o-n-g.  They have been rough, did I say that already?!

The first trimester is never fun for anyone (unless you are one of those lucky  ones that never experience morning sickness).  With the continuous feeling of complete exhaustion, constant nausea, heightened sense of smell (which is horrible during those messy diaper changes), and the ever changing size and shape of your abdomen area, nothing is fun about the first trimester (except that I am producing a miracle every second of every day! That’s pretty great!). 

I was definitely one of those women that had my son and almost immediately felt the baby itch.  Every time I saw a pregnant woman I was totally envious!  I wanted that cute, little bump again.  Though, I forgot that mine was HUGE and not so little (see below).  It is amazing how fast we forget all the things we have to go through to get the bundle of joy into our arms.

^^Me at 39.5 weeks with Baby Stevens #1, Taden! 

Other than the horrific morning sickness with this pregnancy, what else is changing?!
  • I am craving salty, garlic-y, well-seasoned foods. 
  • Not interested in anything sweet or sugary (totally strange for me!).
  • Water has a strange taste to it (had the same problem with Taden).
  • Exhausted, exhausted, exhausted.
  • Crazy sense of smell these days.  I can distinctly smell things in other rooms.

Overall, the pregnancy is progressing well.  I am healthy and growing.  The baby is healthy and growing.  We are so excited and blessed to welcome Baby Stevens #2 into our home and cannot wait to meet “it”.


  1. So fun!!! :) We can't WAIT for baby reveal!! :) lol

    1. Me either :) Now just need to think of another creative way to reveal!!



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