Growing up my grandmother would make homemade applesauce that was out of this world!  A couple of weeks ago I was feeling quite ambitious and thought, “How hard can it be?! It is apple picking season! It would be so much fun to go pick apples and make homemade, fresh applesauce just like my Meme. Easy!! I will get a full bushel while I am at!!”  … Am I nuts?!

It was definitely very ambitious, but it was so much fun and while I was at it I also learned how to can!


My adventures began at A&M Orchard and Farm with this girl.  We headed out early one Saturday morning and picked and picked and picked!  Since neither of us had ever made applesauce before we were unsure how much we should picked.  And so we picked!!  We picked a full bushel, close to 50 pounds of apples!

After we made it home and I admired my pickling's for a day, I finally decided to dive right in and make the sauce.  And while I was at it I taught myself the canning process and decided to can everything I was making.  What a process!!  What an adventure!!  I did everything in one evening so my kitchen was dirty only once and man was it exhausting!  But, I was so proud of myself when my work was complete.  The jars of applesauce will go in our basement as part of our food storage, but they are still sitting on our kitchen counter for me to admire my work. 

PicMonkey Collage2

^^The orchards were beautiful!  The apples were all perfectly ripe and just begging to be picked!  We could not have chosen a better weekend to go.



PicMonkey Collage

^^I love hanging out with Elisabeth!  We have so much in common, especially our love for taking photos.  She makes me not feel as bad when I constantly have my camera at my side.



I love Fall!!  I love the feeling of crisp air.  I love the changing of the leaves.  I love the smell of caramel apple cider or hot chocolate.  I love sweaters and boots.  And, now I love apple picking in the Fall and turning these yummy pickling’s into delicious applesauce.  I will definitely be adding this to my yearly Fall traditions.


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