Every time I log-on to Facebook it seems half of my friends posts are about the things they are thankful for. I love this month!! I love taking the time to reflect on the things we are most grateful for (though I need to get better about making this a more constant occurrence and not just a once-a-year-sort-of-thing). I love the idea of thinking of something new we are thankful for every day for the month of November.  As a result… our family has started a new tradition (I am all about traditions this year, ask my husband!!) of each person in our family (including Taden) naming one thing they are thankful for each day and we write that thing down on colorful paper I have prepared and we have all of our items strung throughout the house. We are more than half-way through the month and the list of items strung throughout are beginning to take over our house, but I love it!! I love walking under the items and reading them as I walk by. I love sitting down for a few moments each day to think about something I am thankful. I love this new tradition and plan to keep the items strung throughout the house over the Christmas holiday so we focus on our blessings and try not to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

One thing I have been very grateful for the past few weeks is wonderful friends. I have been incredible lucky in my life to be surrounded by amazing women that help me to reach my potential and strive to be my best self. I recently had the opportunity (thanks to my wonderful husband!!) to visit two of my closest friends in Chicago. We met each other in college freshman year. Heather lived directly across from me and Lindsay lived right next to me and the rest is history! We lived together for the remainder of college and have since been a part of each others’ weddings, visited each other throughout the country as we have all moved, celebrated career accomplishments and supported each other through births of children.  We try our best to stay in contact and up-to-date on each others’ lives while we are away but sometimes life gets busy and we have gone weeks without talking. But, it always amazes me that, though time may seem long in between visits, we are always able to jump right back where we left! I love these two and am so grateful for their friendship and love. 

**Goal for next visit… take more pictures! Though we did take more than usual.


^^We visited the Museum of Contemporary Art during our visit.  AND, got our hair blow out!! Hence why we don’t look like college.

PicMonkey Collage

Below is our Instagram picture from dinner.  More pictures next time!!


This trip will probably be the last for a couple of years. Heather is moving to Okinawa with her husband in a few short weeks. It was a hard goodbye, but I know the next time we all see each other will be like we have not been a part for that long!! I miss them already!

**AGAIN, thanks to my wonderful husband for making this weekend happen. He is the best!!


See THIS post for OLD pictures of us.

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