I am so grateful for my body.

Our bodies are amazing!! I am grateful that my body functions each and every day without me even thinking about it. I am able to breathe, walk, see and even grow (sometimes the way we do not want!) because of my amazing body. Before the birth of my first child I never took much thought into my body and how it functions. But, if you think about all the details of a pregnancy - from the beginning of inception, to the growth of the fetus in a woman’s body, to the exciting birth of another human being, to the woman’s ability to then feed her child once on earth - it truly is amazing!! I am incredibly thankful for my body and for a loving Father in Heaven who has designed our bodies after His own.

I love feeling the little, and sometimes not so little, kicks and punches from Baby Stevens #2 (that is currently still her name). They remind me of the miracle happening inside me. The little kicks make me think about the little person growing and developing inside my body. My body is capable of creating another human being. How cool is that?! It is truly a miracle and amazes me.

This Thanksgiving season I am so thankful for many things but I am especially grateful for my body and the little girl growing inside of me. I cannot wait to meet her in February 2014!

**Pictures are from my current and previous pregnancy.

PicMonkey Collage

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