Have I mentioned before how much Taden L-O-V-E-S dogs?! Obsessed is probably the more appropriate word! Any time we are out and he sees a dog, his face lights up, he points and shouts toward the dog, and looks at me with that face of “take me there NOW!”  He has no fear and usually the dog is more scared of him because he wants to hug and kiss and climb all over the dog.  I have no idea where this love came from.  Geoff and I both grew up with family dogs, but as the years have gone on in our marriage we both have moved towards dog-haters.  Let me clarify, we do not hate dogs, but we definitely do not love dogs.  I feel there are two extremes with dogs, you either love them or hate them, and we lean more towards the opposite of love but do not hate (make sense?!).  Anyway, this little boy definitely leans towards LOVE (all caps is necessary) and is going to be tough one to say “no” to when he comes begging for a dog one day.

This past Saturday we headed to the park as a family, see Part I of our adventures here, and Taden spotted a dog!! His reaction was priceless and we got most of it on camera!

IMG_9299^^He first spotted the lady with the dog… IMG_9303^^He literally began running after the lady and her dog. I think he forgets that I am pregnant and cannot keep up with him! Or maybe that is his plan!!IMG_9305^^Taden has no fear! None!! At times I am grateful that he is such an easy-going, social little boy. It makes it easier when I need to leave him because I never have to deal with a melt-down, but a little fear of things like large, wild animals would be good!





IMG_9330^^One sad little boy after the dog left.  How are we going to say “no” to that face?!IMG_9331^^He literally began running after the dog when it left.  #weareintrouble


Check out Part I of our weekend adventures here.

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