THANKSGIVING ** Food & Games

Thanksgiving to most families means food, food and more food!! Don’t get me wrong, my family knows food, but our specialty is games!! My husband is like a little kid when my family gets together because he knows that means hours and hours and late, late nights playing board games, card games, dice games, any type of game!! What is wrong with a little friendly competition to bring the family closer?!

IMG_9350^^Geoff negotiating Monopoly trades. Taden as his sidekick; we like to teach them young!




IMG_9360^^Trying to figure out what “sketchy” deal is being made in Monopoly. That game is too intense for me!!

IMG_9365^^Thanks to the wonderful host my lovely Aunt Brenda!! She always goes completely out of her way to make each person feel comfortable and stuffed when they leave her house!! And she loves Taden so much!!


^^This year my Aunt wanted to make sure we didn’t over do it… Maybe we will try again next year to cut back!!

The other activity that was very prevalent at our Thanksgiving celebration this year was keeping this little guy occupied!! I am so thankful for family that adores Taden so much.  He is a very loved, spoiled little boy!



IMG_9392^^He is all boy lately! A ball can constantly be found in his little hands!!



I am so thankful for holidays which help us set aside time to see and spend quality time with family. I love my family and our traditions. I hope to be able to teach my children the importance of family and the relationships that can be found therein – something special.

Again, special thanks to my Aunt Brenda for her amazing hospitality!!

Can’t wait for our Christmas celebrations!!

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  1. Thanks Casey for the nice "write up" ! I love having the family together and I sure do adore Taden, you and Geoff are amazing parents, he is such a lucky little boy. Can't wait for our Christmas get together.



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