This year I began a new family tradition for the entire month of November each member of our family wrote one thing they were grateful for daily and we strung the items up all around our house. With three of us this year we now have NINETY items (blessings I am calling them) that are hung around our house to remind us of all that we are given and blessed with.  It has been a fun tradition that we will for sure keep for future years!! Even Geoff said it was “a keeper.”

I do love the Christmas season, but was a little sad to see December 1 because we our November tradition is ending! BUT then wait, this morning I was skimming through one of my friends blogs, see her blog here, and she has given herself a challenge to blog daily for the entire month of December to help her better see her blessings and get into a better habit of journaling and documenting her life. Answer to my sadness of seeing our November tradition end!! I am not the best blogger and struggle with things to write other than pictures of Taden, but I love the idea of blogging for a month to help me reflect on my life at this time and count the blessings all around me. 

So… get ready, set, here we GO of one month of blogging!!


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