Excuse the LONGEST POST EVER!! I needed an outlet from the craziness of this week!!

The past week has not exactly gone as planned, and if anyone knows me very well I am a very organized, planned person and deviating from the plan is sometimes hard for me. Before the week of Christmas I literally had a manila folder detailing all the plans for each day, had a copy of every recipe I was to make, and a copy my gift list, which I was ‘checking twice.’ Everything was set and ready for us to visit and host lots of family throughout the week, that is until this ball of sickness hit me like a ton of bricks!! This illness has definitely been testing my patience!

This is how our week has gone…

Friday Geoff was very, very ill with a horrific 24-hour bug. He stayed home from work and basically locked himself in our bedroom all day. In the meantime, Tate was also not feeling well with a head cold and fever (his first ever!) through the night. I spent the day tending to my boys and running all over town during their naps to prep for the hosting of my in-laws a few days later.

Saturday came and my boys were feeling much better!! We were all healthy and happy, most of the day. We spent the day cleaning and cooking because we were going to be gone all weekend and would hosting my in-laws Monday early afternoon. Saturday evening we headed up to Columbus to stay with my aunt because the next morning we would be making the trek up to Cleveland for my extended family’s Christmas celebration. It was a looonngg day, but everything that needed to get accomplished did and we all felt well… that is until 1AM the next morning.


The plan: Wake up early morning, pack the car and drive to Cleveland to celebrate Christmas with my extended family.

What really happened: I woke up around 1AM, then 2AM, next 2:30AM and every 30 minutes after that feeling absolutely horrible! I had caught the 24-hour bug Geoff had on Friday and was miserable! By 5:30AM I woke Geoff up and told him we needed to leave because I was feeling so terrible. Our car was packed, baby in tow and we were pulling out of my aunt’s by 6AM. I spent the remainder of the day on the couch or in bed. We did get to Skype my family to have them watch Tate open his gifts, but definitely not the same as us all being there together.


The plan: I was to wake up early and finish any last minute preparations to host Geoff’s family later that afternoon. We were then meeting his brother, sister-in-law and their two kids at Jump n’ Jacks to let the kids expound all their energy! After JNJ we were all heading back to our place with Geoff’s parents meeting us there. We were supposed to enjoy the 10+ pounds of homemade chili I made, fresh baked bread and other yummy treats, all while playing games and enjoying each others company.

What really happened: I woke up with my 24-hour bug nearly gone (YES!!), but in the most excruciating pain I have ever felt down my spine. My normal day consists of running around chasing a 1-year old and because I had spent Sunday laying down literally ALL day the pressure of a 25+ bowling ball on my stomach had completely throw my back out of alignment. I immediately called my chiropractor and was at his office within the hour. He adjusted me but because he had done so much work to get me back in align I was so sore I sat in our rocking chair all day. I could not move and therefore, no one came to our house! Geoff met the group at Jump n’ Jacks and passed all the food we had made onto them so they were well fed. Super bummed because Geoff and I do love hosting people and everything was ready for their arrival!! Boo sickness, again!

Tuesday, Christmas Eve

The plan: Go to my in-laws in Dayton for the day and spend time with family.

What really happened: I woke up with the 24-hour bug symptoms gone, minimal back pain BUT a massive head cold – runny nose, sore throat, cough and pressure, pressure, pressure in my head. Ugh, I just can’t get a break!! We were able to keep our overall plans of going to my in-laws for the day. We headed back earlier than we would have due to me not feeling 100% and our Tate was also very fussy because he has a cold (I think is the culprit of my cold!). We were able to come home and Skype my parents in Florida so they could watch us open our Christmas pjs and gifts from them.


^^He loves Skyping and Facetiming his grandparents!! Waiting for Meme and Grandpa to answer!


Wednesday, Christmas Day

The plan: Go to my in-laws in Dayton again for the day and spend time with family.

What really happened: I woke up with even more severe symptoms of the head cold I had the previous day. I literally felt like I had not slept for 2 days and had zero energy. It being Christmas morning, I sucked it up and made a yummy breakfast, exchanged gifts amongst our little family at home, put our baby down for a nap and then I went for a nap!! It was a relaxing morning but prevented us from getting to my in-laws early like planned. We finally arrived to their house around lunch and spent a couple of hours eating, chasing kids and playing games. I spent an hour or so of the time on the couch as I was feeling pretty miserable! By 4PM I was ready to get in my pjs and go to bed. We made the trek back down to Cincinnati and did just that!! Not exactly the most spirited, cheerful Christmas Day!!




The plan: Fly to Florida to begin our much needed vacation at my parents!!

What really happened: My cousin works for the airlines and our plan to get to Florida was to use two of his stand-by tickets. Tuesday night we had set a plan of the best way to get down there Thursday and flights were looking good. I received a call late Wednesday evening from him stating that flights now looked nearly booked and if we did choose to fly Thursday it would probably be a very long day in the airport. In my current, sicky-state NO THANK YOU! I immediately stopped packing and went to bed! Geoff and I both think this is actually a blessing in disguise (we were soooo excited to head to Florida) because I could definitely use one more day of rest before the long day of traveling.

So far, flights are looking great for tomorrow (Friday) and we plan to be outta the cold and in sunny Florida by early afternoon!! After this crazy week I cannot wait to lay on my parents couch and relax. Nothing else sounds better!!

All-in-all Christmas this year did not go quite (or at all) as planned. I am grateful, though, for the opportunities I had to lay on the couch, relax, read my scriptures a little more than I would have if I was running around prepping things, and ponder the birth of our Savior (here). I am grateful for the opportunities the Lord gives to me to slow down and opportunities He gives to teach me to be more flexible and have more patience (not easy things for me). I am grateful for this time to be with family and friends and enjoy each others company. I am grateful for the bodies He has given to us and hope mine can recover quickly soon!!


I hope everyone had a wonderful, merry Christmas season this year!!


Check out ‘our year in review’ Christmas card here!!


Check out the blog over the next few days for more posts and pictures from Christmas Eve and Christmas morning!!

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