Strange lady at the gym: “When are you due?” … “Oh, really?! You look like you are going to POP now!” stranger lady.

Why would you ever make the above comments to a bulging, HUGE, uncomfortable pregnant lady?! Clearly she knows she is huge by the waddle you see. Clearly she feels uncomfortable when she is holding her belly to try and lighten the weight a bit. Clearly she is exhausted from carrying an extra 30 pounds (come on let’s be honest) around. Clearly she is not in the mood for your comments!

I had my first comments above the other day, and I am not even 30 weeks pregnant!! The lady (yes, it was a woman) asked me “when I was due” and the only response I could think of to say was “not soon enough!” Lady, I have a little less than 3 months left!! A long time! I just get huge when I am pregnant – thank you for noticing how big and uncomfortable I look.

So… the next time you think or want to ask a pregnant woman how far she is or when she is due – don’t! Instead, please just say a little prayer for her that she feels better than she obviously looks.

… signed an uncomfortable, exhausted pregnant woman. (sorry for the rant today. tomorrow will be better.)




Photos by Morgan Rupp. Want to see more photos from our photo shoot with Morgan, see here and here.

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