Lately Taden and I have been so busy with play dates, finishing up Christmas shopping, mailing Christmas packages, baking cookies and all the other things that quickly fill our schedules during this time of the year that it has been awhile since we have just hung out in our pjs and played! Friday morning we hosted a fun play date with my friend from college Alissa and her almost 4-year old Ryan. Before they came over Taden and I took some time to keep our pjs on and run around the house. He had so much fun and thankfully I was able to think fast and capture some of his fun, goofy moments on camera!



^^What a ‘cheesy’ smile!


^^This is him all the time … NON-STOP!!



^^I know this picture is blurry (still working on this new camera lens), but it was too cute not to share!! One of his favorite words is “woooaaahhh!!” He is a bit dramatic which makes me think maybe I am being a little too dramatic around him?! He is beginning to communicate with us so much lately and it is fun to get to know new sides of his personality.


^^This is the best! I know I have said multiple times on this blog, but this kid loves books! We find him multiple times a day curled up on the couch flipping through books. It is so sweet and makes me a proud mama!!


^^Rubbing the eyes… basically he was down for a nap less than one minute after this picture. I do not mess around when I get the cues from him to sleep. That is my sacred time and I do not take those moments lightly!


My new goal is to make sure I take time to let us just play in our pjs some mornings – or even days! I worry about his socialization and making sure making sure he can interact with other kids and is learning to share, that I forget to just let him and I relax at home. It was a fun morning and I am glad I had my camera ready because he was too cute!


  1. I am still so impressed at how gets up and down on the couch. "Woaaaah" :)

  2. Those pajamas are so cute! And don't worry about his socialization - he'll get plenty of practice with his little sister!

  3. You had better bring the Santa PJ's to Florida!!!



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