We have been beyond blessed with a very easy-going, happy, cheerful (though very energetic!) child. He rarely cries and when he does it usually is less than a minute. He is a joy to have around… that is, unless you put him in front of the camera!! Never fails, as soon as the camera lens is in front of him he turns into a wild animal! He runs away from it and has no interested in being a happy, cheerful child!

We had a photo shoot a couple of weekends ago with the wonderful Morgan Rupp! Per usual, Taden’s wild animal side came out during the entire photo shoot! These pictures were too cute not to share!



PicMonkey Collage


^^As long as he is free to do his own thing or has an object to throw (see pictures below for evidence of this) he is happy and cheerful. Hence why this blog is filled with random candid's of my baby, see here, here, here and my favorite here, and not adorable posed pictures I have ‘pinned’ all over Pinterest of other happy, cheerful babies.



^^Check out the post here to see where he learned to throw things!


Though this picture is not the “perfect family picture”, I love it! It captures memories we had that day. Though most of them are frustrating memories of our baby, they are memories we created. I am thankful Morgan captured photos of our family and cannot wait to share the rest. I promise we do have a “family picture” or two! And, all the pictures of Geoff and I turned out great!! Can’t wait to share… but until then, enjoy the photos of our animal above.


Check out Morgan’s photography site here.

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