What do you get a one-year old for Christmas? What do they need? They really do not need anything, in my opinion. I can and easily do find things around our house to keep him entertained throughout our day. For me, the better question is what do I want to help me keep him better entertained, especially when Baby #2 comes along!! He really does not care about specific toys at this point. We are not at the age yet where I am dodging certain aisles/areas at stores in fear of hearing “I want this” and “can I have this?” At this point he just likes to throw, bang and clutter his toys all around and does not care about the specifics of toys.

So then, what do I have on my Christmas list for Taden…


1 – Little People® Wheelies™ Loops ’n Swoops Amusement Park™ – My in-laws of a similar toy and it is able to entertain him for long periods of time (the best toys!). This is a toy he is capable of playing with now but can grow with for future years.

2 - My First Crayola Washable Markers – These markers are great for little ones so they do not ruin the tips of all your markers, crayons and pencils.

3 - Melissa & Doug Puzzles – We love puzzles! Puzzles are great for all ages and something we will keep around our house for years!

4 – IKEA Children's Kitchen Utensils – Taden is always in the kitchen when I am and loves to “help” me cook! It would be great to give him his own set of pans so I am not constantly cleaning mine after he “plays” with them for five minutes!

5 - Little Tikes Slide – I found the exact slide above at Once Upon A Child in perfect condition for $15!!

6 - My Bible Quiet Book – We need books, toys, ANYTHING to help us entertain Taden at church. Sometimes those 3 hours seem like 3 days!! Great for FHE lessons and activities.

7 – Magformers – I have not seen many families have these but when I do ALL the kids flock to them! They are perfect for little hands because they can grasp them and connect them together, but great for older kids because they are able to build with them. There are many shapes and sizes so this will be a toy we accumulate through the years.

Here is to hoping these toys help me!!




What is on your kids Christmas list? Or do you have on their list?


  1. Jane has the pots and pans. She loves them!

    1. He loves taking plastic spoons and some of my big bowls and "mixing" with me. I am just tired of constantly cleaning Tupperware he plays with for 10 minutes!! Definitely on his Christmas list!



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