How do I know the third trimester is here??? Let me count the ways…

  1. baby constantly crowding and kicking my rib cage
  2. bladder cannot hold more than a cup of any liquid at any time
  3. begin every other week OB appointments
  4. I can see from the outside of my stomach when she jabs her hand or elbow out 
  5. Braxton Hicks contractions begin after doing 30 minutes (and sometimes less than 30 minutes) of any activity (i.e dishes, laundry, doing my hair, chasing a 15-month old, etc.) on my feet
  6. when I need to roll over in the middle of the night I have to sit my body up to move to the other side because rolling this belly does not happen at this stage
  7. nesting instincts are occurring on a daily basis, see post later this week
  8. and of course, the ever growing belly!!

I would be totally lying if I said “I love being pregnant.” It truly is amazing to watch your body change and think about the person growing inside of you and to ponder all that you are capable of doing. But, all the pains and aches are not something I enjoy. So… here is to the next three months speeding by!!!!!  We are ready for you Baby Girl Stevens, see post here for our gender reveal.


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