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Thanks to my mother I have the worst memory on the planet (maybe the 2nd worst to her)! I have a decent short term memory but don't ask me about anything I did last month as I will most likely have no recollection of it. Horrible, I know!

Updating this blog the past 6 months as helped me keep a journal of our family's happenings and adventures. It has helped me to remember fun memories our family has made or they would probably be a total loss cause.

So, where have we been this year? What have we done? (**All the words underlined are linked to prior posts of our adventures. Check them out!)

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First of all, Geoff and I survived our first full year with a baby (some days this was quite an accomplishment!). We fell in love with our little man more and more each day and watched him achieve so many 'firsts'' and big milestones.

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This year we took Taden for his first swim and he experienced his first snow. He had his first haircut (first of many this year) and took his first trip to the hospital for nursemaids elbow.  He learned to walk, run, and throw a ball, among many other activities that keep his mom and dad busy chasing him all day. We read lots and lots of books, over and over again. We took many, many (almost daily) trips, Spring through early Winter, to the park, see posts here, here and here. Taden fell in love with dogs, which happened to be one of his first words.

Our family visited the Niederman Family Farm, Young's Dairy, the Cincinnati Zoo, the summer fair, a splash pad, Newport and Tom & Chee (many, many times!), Sea World, and picked strawberries in the Spring and apples in the Fall.  We made homemade pies and applesauce with our pickings!

We celebrated birthdays – Geoff turned 28, I turned 27 and Taden turned 1. We had a wonderful birthday party for the little guy and were able to celebrate with many friends and family.

We also celebrated the Fourth of July with Taden’s first fireworks, went to the Annual Pierogi Fest in Cleveland, celebrated Halloween as a mouse and Thanksgiving with lots of food and family.

We went to Florida three times to visit my parents and visited family in Alabama for Geoff’s cousins wedding reception. We had lots of fun when cousins visited throughout the summer too!

In March, after busy season, I chose to quit my job at Deloitte to stay home with Taden. I have loved every day since, even the hard, fussy, whiny ones!! Geoff had another great year at Northwestern Mutual and even finished his MBA in his free time! We both stayed very busy with our callings in church and have learned a lot through our service and being served by others.

Geoff and I celebrated four years of marriage in August and were able to get away for a weekend while Meme (my mom) was in town.

Geoff was lucky to walk away from a total loss car crash.  He later had a fun golf trip to Homestead, VA that he earned through work. Casey went to Chicago for a reunion with her college roommates. She also purchased a digital SLR camera and broke it in quite a bit this year, see posts here, here and even here.

AND, best of all, we found out we were pregnant and expecting a little girl in February 2014, see our gender reveal.

I am so grateful for all the memories and adventures our family had in 2013. I am especially grateful for this blog and all the 'reminders' I have of our fun.

I am excited to see what the year 2014 brings for our little, growing family! Until then… enjoy our blog and the adventures we are having!

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Pictures in this post by Morgan Rupp.

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