Taden and I had a blast this past weekend because we got Geoff home all to ourselves for four and half straight days!! I love my little family and especially love when we are all able to be together. The weekends are my favorite and long weekends are even better!!

Taden has been having so much fun with his dad. He has been preferring him over me the past day, which is a little sad because secretly I may want him to always be a ‘mama’s boy’ but I love the excitement he has when he is playing and hanging out with his dad. Throughout the past few days, though, I have noticed Taden picking up a few bad habits that he did not have last week when it was just the two of us hanging out.  For example, he has totally mastered the skill of throwing a ball and has even begun to throw other all objects he comes in contact with.  I have also noticed a bit of “rougher” side to him. He likes to wrestle and tackle you to the ground. He likes running around the house and jumping up and down. Where did this new side and energy come from?! … I think I may know where from! I believe Taden has learned a few things from his Dad his week!!

Though, this “rougher” side of Taden is different than I am used to, I am thankful he has such a loving father. I am thankful for the balance Geoff is in raising Taden and in our marriage. I am thankful for all that he does to support our family financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. He is a wonderful man and if Taden turns out to be just like him he will be a wonderful man. I am thankful for all that he teaches him, even the “rougher” sides!!



Pictures taken by Elisabeth.

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