I wish I was more of a reader. I think my problem is that I have a really hard time sitting down and relaxing. I am either running around the house cleaning, cooking, chasing a 1-year old or I am sitting down making to-do lists and more to-do lists for when I am back on my feet. Grabbing a book and sitting down, still, for even 15 minutes would be a great accomplishment for me any day.

Another aspect of my personality you may or may not know already is that I am a bit of a control-freak person. I like to think of it as I want to always be prepared instead of in-control, but honestly they are the same thing, right?! During my pregnancy with Taden I was so nervous and worried about how I was going to get this growing human being out of my body. I was so nervous for the big event and unsure how the entire thing would go, so during that period of my life I did become a reader. I read and read and read almost every pregnancy and/or birth book on the market. I was bound and determined to be prepared and in control of my labor and delivery (which was a wonderful experience and I do attribute to my preparation – maybe a blog post on that experience one day?!). Throughout this pregnancy, though, I have done little to nothing to prepare for this big event again. I finally set a date for Geoff and I to meet with our doula (Who is amazing! If you are in the Cincinnati area and would like to be referred to an amazing woman, mother and doula, please let me know!) and so I have decided I need to do something to show her I will be ready again. Therefore, this week I picked up my favorite birth book knowing it probably will be the only one I pick up before her arrival.



My favorite, favorite birth book is entitled The Birth Book (I know, how original) by William Sears, M.D. & Martha Sears, R.N. The book starts off by giving you a history of women giving birth over the past 100+ years. I love the introduction and think the changes that have occurred in the medical field and specifically the birthing scene are fascinating. It is a great introduction and setting for the book which gives such a rich perspective of what to expect, how to prepare, how to manage pain and all of your options when you are in labor. They certainly have their opinions on specific interventions and methods, but the main focus of the book is educating women of all of their options. They have many years of experience and wisdom that is shown throughout. I am in the beginning part of the book at this point, but I am amazed again at the knowledge I am gaining from them. If you are pregnant and preparing for your birth experience, this is a must-read!!



Happy reading and good luck!!


Pictures taken by Elisabeth.

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