Lately reality has been sinking in that soon I will be a mother to two children under 18 months. Have I lost my mind?! Am I crazy?! Maybe not yet, but I think crazy, insane, busy, hectic, and many more words will all be words to describe my near future. Geoff and I want to have a big family (right now 4 is our number) and we always wanted them to be close. It took us quite some time to get pregnant with Tate and so getting pregnant on our own so quickly the second time around was a miracle! We are beyond grateful for this little baby’s arrival shortly, but some days I know I look like a deer in headlights as I think and prepare.  I am pretty sure there will be days where I feel like the wildness of the zoo would be better and more sane than my home. But many have done this in the past, right?! And survived?! That’s what I keep telling myself to get through. They survived, I will survive…


On a different note, another crazy thing is the size of my body!! Holy smokes I am huge!!!!! Though my dear husband keeps reminding me that I was much bigger with Tate and that I have a ways to go (37 days to be exact!).



^^It’s a bad sign when your maternity clothes do not fit any more (note: shirt above does not cover the bottom of my belly!!).

On me -- (above) shirt: Motherhood Maternity (last pregnancy) // leggings: Old Navy Maternity (found here) // (below) shirt: Gap Maternity (similar found here)


**All pictures taken by my darling friend Elisabeth. Her amazing blog can be found HERE. Check out more pictures from our maternity photo shoot HERE and more to come next week.

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