If anyone has been to my house lately one of the first things you would see is my special “To Do Before Baby” folder, that seems to be constantly starring back at me. In this folder you would find lists and more lists that I have made of “Things to do before baby”, “Things to purchase before baby”, “Hair bows to make before baby”, etc. Like I have previously mentioned, I am a very (may be an understatement) organized person. I have been totally consuming my life with this ‘special’ folder and the lists found therein to prepare for our baby girl’s arrival. Lately I have been feeling a bit obsessed with this folder and getting all the preparations complete and it has completely taken over my life!!

That is why I am grateful for a wonderful husband and amazing friends that help bring me back to reality and focus on other important things.

Saturday was just what I needed.


I started out the day bright and early at the salon. My husband took Tate all morning so that I could get a new cut and color and just pamper myself. Something that I have not done in awhile. Who has time to focus on themselves when there are so many others things to do (i.e. daily cooking and cleaning responsibilities, keeping the house stocked full of food, church responsibilities, growing a human being inside of me every day… just to name a few). I think most women can relate that our needs and especially wants usually fall on the back burner. Well, I am grateful for the time I had to just sit at the salon, be pampered, put my feet up, read a couple of magazines, and … wait for it… relax!! I totally needed that time and am grateful for a husband that helped make it happen.


^^The new do! A little ombre change. The cut is pretty standard as I think a ponytail holder will be wrapped around my hair quite frequently in the near future. At least I will have a fun color underneath!!


After my pampering, I headed over to my friend Elisabeth’s for what I thought was me taking pictures of her and her husband for her cute blog. To my surprise, when I opened her front door there were 15 adorable women standing there to celebrate me and the soon arrival of our little girl. Let me tell you, I don’t get surprised. I am a planner. No one can surprise me. I always know what is on the schedule and what is happening. But, I WAS SURPRISED. SHOCKED. TOTALLY IN AWE.

PicMonkey Collage

We spent the next couple of hours mingling, eating yummy food, opening pink, pink and more pink clothing, and celebrating Baby Girl Stevens arrival. Boy, did I need that. I have been so focused on my lists and all that I need to do to prepare for her arrival, that I have spent little to no time celebrating and getting excited for her. I am so incredibly grateful for wonderful friends that helped me to take to celebrate. I am grateful for friends that helped me focus on the important things and to take a step back and get super giddy and excited for more pink in my life (I cannot wait)!! I have amazing friends. The party was a huge success and was my first surprise party ever!! Way to go.

**All the pictures were taken by Elisabeth and many more can be found on her cute blog HERE.

baby shower-0065

baby shower-0161

^^Love these generous, amazing women.

baby shower-0164

^^The co-hosts and my dear friends Haley and Elisabeth.

baby shower-0107



PicMonkey Collage


baby shower-0172

baby shower-0176

I am so grateful for this girls’ friendship and love towards me. I am also a bit grateful that when she told me she wanted pictures of her and her husband, she also said she wanted a few of the two of us. Hence, the only reason I am in ‘real’ clothing (other than my go-to outfit of leggings and a t-shirt lately) and have on make-up. Thank you for that!! And thank you for the surprise. It was a great success – check out her recap and more beautiful pictures from the afternoon HERE.

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