… we have a one nap child!! Well, we have had one for a couple of weeks now but I did not want to jinx it by making a big declaration, but I think we have officially reached the threshold of permanency (fingers and toes are all still crossed).


For 6 weeks or so I played the one nap/two nap a day game. That game did not mix so well with my ultra-planner personality and so needless to say I was about to pull my hair out after week one. I could never plan anything in the morning as I did not know if he would take a nap and then some days the morning nap was at 9AM and other days it was around 11AM. Then if he did take a morning nap the second one would be around 2PM or 3PM, but if he did not take a morning nap it would be around 12PM. And don’t get me started on the length of the naps!! Two naps equaled two 45ish minutes naps (what can I possibly get done in 45 minutes!!) and one nap was maybe an hour and half. You get the point! Every day was different, sporadic, crazy; and I don’t do crazy (don’t mind my crazy rant right now)!!

So a few weeks ago I took the matter into my own hands. I decided we were just going to cut the first nap out all together. For 3-4 days I got us out of the house between 10AM – 12:30PM. This was the time he would be most apt to be tired and want to take a nap, so I took him out of his comfortable environment, stimulated him with new things, and made sure those sleepy eyes did not come! As soon as we arrived back to the house, though, those eyes quickly came and he was ready for his nap; and without a fight!! It took a few days of consistency and now he is officially a one-nap child and I love it!! The one nap equals 2-3 hours now (amazing!!). We do usually have quiet time mid-morning, or a period of time where he is a little sleepy. During this time we find his blanket( s), a few books and snuggle on the couch. I love this time! First because I love snuggling with the little guy and second it is just enough to re-energize him without a full-out, short nap.

I was totally one of those moms that dreaded, literally DREADED, the day the first morning nap would drop. When was I going to shower, eat breakfast, clean the house, etc.?? But, everyone kept explaining how much freedom you gain when you do not have to be dependent on staying home all morning for your baby to nap. Now we can leave the house soon after breakfast and be out playing or running errands until lunchtime. It is amazing!! Though this ‘freedom’ will not last long, I am grateful for the couple of months I have before this new, little bundle of joy keeps us inside!!


^^He has his left thumb and blanket. What else could you need?!


^^Darn it! I still need to clip those last few finger nails!! He ran away just as I was almost done a few days ago. I wish children’s finger nails would not grow for the first 10 years of their life. It is torture for children and parents to clip them every week (and sometimes more often than that!!).




^^My little angle. It does not get any cuter than that. I just love his bedhead!!


I am grateful this little guy is a good napper and night time sleeper. Geoff and I worked REALLY hard to help teach him the importance of sleeping and that ‘sleep is good.’ At almost every milestone I pull out the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby to read up on the upcoming changes. This is an amazing book!! We did not implement everything they lay out, but it gives a great perspective on how to sleep train your child and the importance of training them young for their future develop. Great book!!

Sleep tight little Tate!!

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