I know I do not tell my husband nearly enough, but I am so grateful for the husband, father and man that he is. He is my other half, and most definitely my better half. Geoff and I constantly joke about how different we are. Never fails, if we are out on a date and order a new dish, either Geoff or I will say, “wow, this is so good” and 9 times out of 10 the other will not care for it. If we hear a funny joke, chances are one of us will be laughing hysterically and the other will be sitting there with no reaction. We are opposites on many things, but hey, they say opposites attract!! I am so grateful for our different personalities, likes, and dislikes. We are two different halves and both bring different things to our marriage and those differences complete us as a couple, as one unit. I am so grateful for our differences.


My husband is so good at many things. But, the thing he is the best, best, best at is being a wonderful father. When he is home his main focus is his family, and especially focused on Tate. As soon as he walks in the door he gives Tate a big hug and asks him how his day was (to which Tate replies, “yaya, yaya…”). He loves that little boy so much. I am grateful to married to a man that is so family-centered. He makes me want to be a better mom every day. He is my other half, and definitely my better half.

Here are some pictures of my two boys wrestling and playing. This is the typical scene in our house.








^^They were playing ‘hide and seek.’ Tate found him and was so excited!!


^^Tate’s turn to hide. Waiting for daddy…



I love watching these two play. I am the luckiest girl to be married to the greatest man. He is an amazing husband, father and man. I am thankful he chose me and that I get to spend time and all eternity with him.

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