On average three nights a week I find myself wide awake between the hours of 3AM – 5AM; yet another wonderful symptom of pregnancy. This week during one of these wonderful late night/early morning awake times, I found myself flipping through Netflix and came across the movie What to Expect When You Are Expecting. At this point in my pregnancy I have definitely reached the “I-am-really-pregnant-and-over-this” phase and decided to check the movie out and to see if what I am experiencing is “what to expect.” Overall the movie was entertaining, but this clip pretty much sums up how I feel right now…

Though, this clip has a bit of a negative tone on pregnancy (mostly all true!), I loved the end of the movie, when the actress finally is holding her little baby in her arms and says, “this is my glow. I have found my  glow.” Some women feel amazing and feel this “glow” about them when they are pregnant – I am not one of them. Not even close. The next few weeks will be rough for me as I continue to deal with all of these horrible pregnancy side effects, but I know I have to remember to persevere through the aches and pains because my “glow” will be here before I know it. So hang in there!!

… oh, and I am thankful that after it is all done we do forget all that we went through for our little miracles. Again, hang in there!!

**Above picture taken by the fabulous Morgan Rupp. For more pictures taken by Morgan see here, here, here, here, AND here!!


  1. Love that you wrote this! So many women say they "love" pregnancy sooo much and how wonderful it is when in fact I don't think most women feel that way! I felt like such a bad person when I started hating being pregnant with my Son all because these FEW women who actually boasted that they loved it! Lol I now know I am normal and far from a bad person- my glow is at the end, with my baby too :) Thank you for this post!

  2. yeah - remember nine months ago when you told me you missed being pregnant and i told you that you were crazy?



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