Lately I have been at my wits end with Tate! He is going through a phase of “hitting.” Hitting other kids, hitting me, hitting, Geoff, hitting himself, hitting everything. The past few days I have been trying different things to help teach him not to hit and the consequences of hitting, but I have had no success. I am getting frustrated with him and not understanding why he is not learning!!

As I was sitting in church today thinking about the frustrations I am having with my toddler, it hit me, ‘what ‘frustrations’ does my Father in Heaven have with me?’ What are things I am doing over and over and over again, receiving consequence after consequence, and continuing the bad habit. I am not much for New Year’s resolutions as I usually have too many things I would want to improve on and know most all of my goals would end in failure. But, today as I was sitting there reflecting on Tate’s bad habits I was humbled and began to think about the habits I could improve on and the patience my Heavenly Father has with me. As the month of January is coming to a close I have decided to improve on one habit (one is totally manageable, right?!) for this new year.

I am grateful for the reflection time I had today. I am grateful that my small child continues to humble me each day. I am grateful to be his mother. I am grateful for the patience and love my Father in Heaven has towards me on a daily basis and I know that love is eternal. I am grateful for the opportunity to be on this earth to work on the bad’ habits I have and to grow and develop in my personal progression each day.

So, here is to the new year and new years resolutions!!

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