**Finally a post about the little man!! I have been consuming this blog with me, me, me!! Sorry, I know you have all missed Tate. Enjoy …

Is it me or has Cincinnati received more snow this year than usual?! We had friends move here this past Spring and when we described winters to them here we told them the city usually has 2 “big”  snows (a few inches at a time) a year and then light dustings here and there. We said that winters are not that bad and should be mild compared to Utah, where they are coming from. Am I experiencing amnesia or is this winter much worse than usual?!

It seems every week we have a “big” storm and have had a constant layer of white stuff on the ground for months now! All this snow makes me want to do one thing – hibernate! And that is exactly what Tate and I did yesterday when we woke up to flurries falling from the sky and a few inches already accounted for on the ground. Pajamas were our uniform for the day (I did at least change both of us from the pajamas we slept in – counting all my accomplishments for the day!!).



^^We like to gather things from around the playroom and watch them slide down. This has been my best purchase as a parent – $15 at Once Upon A Child. I love bargains!! Though, nothing can top this slide.




^^This little guys energy is making it very difficult to keep up with 8 months prego and all that comes with that milemarker (i.e. swelling legs and feet, more intense contractions, fatigue, oh… and the huge belly I carry with me everywhere). (see how much I love being pregnant here).




^^This smile brightens my entire day and keeps me going! Love him to pieces!!


^^Nonstop… I think you have all heard about this little one’s energy here and here.



^^Finally caught him taking a break in his sisters bouncer. He has been obsessed with all of his old baby toys I have been pulling out. The little things that keep our day going and sane.



I will take a snow day here and there if it involves playing in my pajamas with this little guy. And with my camera, of course!!

And check out Tate’s first experience with snow here.


What fun things do you do with your kids on snow days? // How do you keep sane on snow days??

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  1. Ugh. Snow days! Sometimes it's more a matter of recovering my sanity after I've lost it. ;)



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