Lately the most popular question people have been asking me is, “What are you going to name her?” At this time that question is slightly annoying because we have yet to decide (totally procrastinating!), BUT I will take that question any day over, “Wow (add in big, dramatic eyes), so when are you due? You look like you are going to POP!” (see post HERE for my response to that question)



Being an indecisive person naturally, and that tendency coming out even more when I am pregnant, choosing a name for our children for the rest of their lives (trying to add a bit of drama to the situation!) is super stressful! Well… “the time” is approaching quickly (ONE MONTH FROM TODAY = DUE DATE!!) and to answer the above question – “we do not know yet.” We are still working with a list of names and that list seems to be constantly changing.

Our current list:

  • Madelyn (always, always thought this would be my daughters name, but has not been feeling right?!) – call her Maddie
  • Adelyn – call her Addi
  • Adeline – call her Addi
  • Adele – call her Addi (this is a theme)
  • Kaylee
  • Carrie (Geoff likes but I think too close to my name)
  • Camilla – call her Cami

We think we have her middle name chosen – Elisabeth.




Here is to hoping she does not come tonight (I never thought I would say that!!).


Pictures taken by Elisabeth in the snow (hence the white spots in the pictures, kind of artsy?!).

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