I had all these great intentions of beginning Christmas traditions for our family this year, see here, to help create fun, lasting memories for our children. It drives my husband a little crazy, but I am a very consistent person so traditions for our family help keep me sane as there is never any question about what we will be doing. And they help the ultra-organized, planner-side of me as well. (I am not as rigid as it sounds! My husband does make me be a little flexible.)

If you have been keeping up with this blog over the past week, you are well aware that our Christmas was struck with germs – see here and here. The exhaustive list of fun, new traditions our family was to partake in this year was limited to a couple that then exhausted all of my fun and energy! Looking back on the holidays, though they may not have gone as planned, they were spent with those that matter – family. I am grateful to be surrounded by family during this time of the year and for their support all throughout the year. Though we were not able to complete everything on my list, we still had lots of fun!!


Here is what our Christmas Eve and Christmas morning consisted of in a ‘nutshell’:

… picking up our Christmas Eve pjs delivered to our door (This year it was just Geoff ringing the door bell. We will need to get more creative in future years).



… Skyping with family far away



… opening presents Christmas morning




^^I told him to pause for a moment so I could snap a picture… this was his reaction!


^^This is a horrible picture of me but wanted to include evidence that I was present Christmas morning despite my sick-y state.

… playing with new toys



… making and eating a yummy, very complicated Christmas breakfast


… and Mom and Dad putting together toys and racetracks.


Later Christmas Day we headed up to Dayton to visit my in-laws. Unfortunately Tate and I were not feeling in a picturesque mood so little-to-no pictures were snapped. But memories were made!!


All-in-all our Christmas was filled with a warm spirit in our home with family. It was full of love, laughter and of course yummy food. I hope your Christmas was filled with the same bright things and centered on the celebration of our Savior’s birth.


**Please excuse the extremely grainy pictures. I am still trying to get used to his new lens indoors. A work in progress…

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