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I have been horrible at monthly updates of the little guy. I guess I think the obnoxious amount of pictures I post of him with random and also obnoxious commentary alongside them make up. Well, since he has hit the b-i-g 18 month mark I decided it was time for a post dedicated just to Tate (since none ever are!) and what he is up to these days.

These days he likes…

  • any toy with wheels: Hot Wheels, toy cars and trucks, his school bus, toy bulldozer and dump truck, trains (to which he walks around the house saying “choo, choo”)
  • giving kisses and big hugs
  • wrestling with Mommy and Daddy
  • Nursery at church (I think the cookie he receives has something to do with it) … oh, and bless the Nursery leaders at church! He has been going for the past three weeks even though 18 months is the milestone to enter Nursery. I think my large stomach and his energetic body have something to do with their sympathy towards me. Bless them!!
  • feeding himself with utensils
  • making pretend food in his kitchen set and feeding it to Mommy
  • talking to himself in his crib in the middle of the night or when he first wakes up in the morning
  • reading books and he is beginning to point to pictures and make sounds as we read

And dislikes…

  • when Mommy and Daddy take his cars away – he had his first full-blown tantrum when we were leaving a friends house full of Hot Wheels and he could not take them with him! It was quite a dramatic experience.
  • bread. Strange, we are still working on this.
  • when Mommy and Daddy feed him

Taden is non-stop from the time he wakes up until nap time and then again until bed time. His personality is really starting to shine and everyone is constantly saying how much of a ‘little boy’ he is and how ‘grown up’ he is becoming (to which I am not sure exactly how I feel). He is such a cheerful, happy spirit and constantly making us laugh and smile with him. He keeps us very busy and on own our toes, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Still only 6 teeth, but has been “teething” (excessive drool) for months now. We are having so much fun learning ‘his language’ and communicating with him. He is just so lovable and we can’t wait to see what the next 18 months hold for him!!

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And I received the Best Mom Award today by celebrating with chocolate chip pancakes!! Yum, yum!


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